The Hotel

About Us

Where you can experience history and local culture...

The hotel's 30 guest rooms and suites bring the past to life, all with modern comforts. The swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, cultural library, museum-quality decorations and subtlety of turkish meze (traditional Turkish appetizers) make the hotel a unique place.

Stay with us! Experience all of Istanbul, ancient and modern, right where you live, and just outside our door.

It's a living room, not a lobby

In Turkey, we enjoy being with each other. We like to sit together, drink tea or turkish coffee, play backgammon, and talk about everything such as football, politics, actuality, gossip.

"We don't need
any special event to get together
with our family and friends."

We would be glad if you join us in our living room to explore, discover, to sense, live our culture and exchange your 'Home Experience' with us.
Striving 'To be your home, away from home' we prepared our lobby as your Living Room where you may surf, chat, find books in the library, delight with ancient Anatolian replicas on the walls, test Turkish coffee, snack our cold appetizers and meet with your new family members who will look after you from the first until the last minute of your stay. While living our unforgettable hospitality, let us inform, assist and help to create your Unique Journey.